Battle on Mission Boxing Show on April 20, 2019 – Fight Videos

Battle on Mission Boxing Show: April 20, 2019 at the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club


(Videos are currently being uploaded and edited. Not all bouts were filmed. Please check back to see bouts: 3-15 posted here in multiple videos. Videos are being added once they are completed)


boxing show in jurupa valley


On April 20th, 2019, the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club hosted the Battle on Mission Boxing Show which featured several local boxing clubs and amatuer boxers.

This was a Southern California Association – USA Boxing sanctioned event.

Boxing Hall of Famer and 1968 U.S. Olympian, Armando Muniz, is the announcer.

Elmer “Smitty” Smith, Head Coach of the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club, The Jurupa Valley Boxing Club and the Jurupa Valley Parks and Recreation Department, and all participating clubs, as well as USA Boxing, put on an epic show for a packed house.

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Bout #3: Jacob Garcia of FFP Boxing vs Leo Ramirez of Hidden City Boxing

Bout #4: Rameses Vargas of C&D Boxing vs Jacob Tamayo of the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club




Bout #5: Daniela Rojas of the FTP Boxing Club (age 16 @ 121 lbs.) outpoints Madelyn Mata (age 16 @ 120 lbs) of the Richard Steele Boxing Club.

Bout #6: Jesse Gonzalez (16 years old @ 156/12 oz) of C&D Boxing outpoints Edward Romero (17 years old @ 151/12 oz) of the Landeros Boxing Club.

Bout #7: Isaac Moctezuma (13 years old @ 76 lbs) of the Hidden City Boxing Club outpoints Roberto Montoya (12 years old @ 77 lbs) of the Lincoln Boxing Club.




This video is of Bout #8 – Martin Gutierrez of the Rhino’s Boxing Club (age 15 @ 158 lbs/12 oz.) vs Larry Duarte of the Jurupa Valley Boxing Club (age 15 years @156/12 oz.).

Martin Gutierrez outpointed Larry Duarte.



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